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Port & Harbor Surveillance Systems

Aatash Norcontrol's maritime surveillance solutions enable port authorities to:

§  Comply with IALA VTS Recommendations

§  Manage marine traffic

§  Identify causes of delays

§  Manage marine risk

§  Optimize utilization of resources

§  Visualize both “wet” and “dry” sides

§  Improve port security

§  Visualize situations in 3D

Marine Operations Management

The C-Scope Management Information System - Ports (CSMI) is designed to improve port service provision, efficiency, and profitability while reducing risk.  Our CSMI applications are scalable, web-enabled solutions developed with the latest internet technologies.  Scalable access can be provided to the entire port community, including port managers, ship owners, agents, pilots, towage services, accounting departments, security, emergency services, etc.

Leading solutions and service provider for maritime applications utilizing tailor made technology and cost effective approach.

Making global footprints in the feild of maritime surveliance and solutions with collaborative approach

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