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Oil Spill Detection System (OSD)

Spills of oil and oil-related products in the marine environment can have serious to devastating environmental and economic consequences.  No matter what the cause, detecting and following any spill is critical so that immediate action is taken to minimize impact, organize and manage cleanup operations, and identify the responsible parties.

ANL  offers a radar-based & satellite based (KSAT) solution for detecting oil spills.  Our Oil Spill Detection System (OSD) can run either as a stand-alone system or integrated in a larger VTS, coastal surveillance, or collision avoidance safety and security system. 

The Oil Spill Detection System consists of an OSD processor and client receiving data from an X-band radar, connected to an operator workstation displaying data.  The OSD System can be connected to radar(s) whose primary function is vessel detection or to radar(s) dedicated exclusively to oil spill detection. 

The OSD performs a full measurement every few minutes and sends an alarm to the operator workstation in the event of a detection.  The detection range for oil spills varies depending on the sea clutter conditions, but is generally in the range 1-5 nm for 25 meter-high radar towers. Oil spills down to 200 liters and less are detectable at shorter ranges.

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