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Cold Ironing/Shore To Ship Power

Environment Friendly Solutions For Cold-Ironing/Shore To Ship Power Supply

When cargo vessel/ship is on berth, it requires more electric power for cargo loading & unloading operations and therefore auxiliary power generators are used. Vessels use Furnace oil/Diesel/MGO/HFO which produces CO2, SOx, NOx green house gasses which pollutes the environment to  great extent.

As per IMO resolution & guidelines from 1st January, 2020, only 0.5 % m/m sulphur in bunker will be permitted which will make the operation of generator set even more costly than what it is today. To overcome this issue we have designed a solution to provide green energy at lower cost per KWH to vessels at berth.

Need For Shore Power

  • The environmental footprint of port areas is under scrutiny
  • Increasingly, port authorities and ship owners are required to reduce air and noise pollution from ships in ports – a requirement that is best fulfilled by using shore-side power instead of on board generation while berthed. Shore-to-ship power solutions create a better environment for passengers, crew, dockworkers and local residents by reducing greenhouse gas and noise emissions, as well as vibrations.
  • As a full-scope supplier, WE provide fully engineered and integrated systems and a broad range of services. Onshore, the solution comprises the entire chain from the main incoming substation receiving power from the renewable sources, via systems matching voltage and frequency to the levels required by the vessels, to the power outlet at the berth. On board, the shore-to-ship power equipment is fully integrated with the ship’s electrical and automation system, enabling seamless power transfer from on board generation to shore power. 




SFC (Static Frequency Converter)

MV/LV Distribution

Cable Management System

Shore Connection Blocks/Plugs

Shore To Ship Power Pannel

Power Transformers




  • We offer solution to provide shore power system for ports and harbors on turn-key basis.
  • Our system is capable to power up different types of vessels at berth.     





Ro/Ro Ferry

<11 KV

50 & 60 Hz

6.5 MVA


6.6 KV

60 Hz

7.5 MVA


6.6 & 11 KV

60 Hz

16/20 MVA


6.6 KV

60 Hz

10 MVA


< 11 KV

50 & 60 Hz

Case by case

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